Q1 How do I order a stamp from you?

Our new on-line stamp fashion  rubber stamps  designer is person friendly and is the fastest manner to layout and buy your stamps. Insert your textual content, edit the font fashion & size, add a logo or art work if required, then upload a border and select the ink colour. You can see any changes to your design shown in real time as you create it. The clothier then shows the nice stamps in your layout, you may also down load a PDF preview of your stamp to see precisely what your completed affect will appear like. Online video tutorials are to be had for every layout style. If you have got require a complex design, experience loose to send us your paintings and the specified size to mail@speedystamps.Co.Uk we can reply with a custom evidence and the prices or call us to discuss your order 01709 seven-hundred 520. We now offer the Easy Speedy manner to order your stamps…

Q2 Do I need to register or log in to order from you?
We sense that customers must have the choice of whether to register or now not whilst placing an order. There are blessings to registering with us however No you do no longer should register to order from us.

Q3 What are the advantages of registering when I place an order?
Once you check in with us online you’ll have access on your very own account, through this you’ll be capable of view all your preceding orders, tune current orders and quick location repeat orders without having to redesign your stamp or artwork as it could be stored on our gadget. Further benefits encompass ordinary updates and offers on our trendy deals.

Q4 What’s the distinction among Rubber, Self-Inking and Pre-Inking stamps?
Rubber Stamps are a conventional rubber stamp with a take care of connected to an impression plate that has rubber die on the lowest, these stamps require a separate ink pad to ink up the stamp before use.
Self-Inking Stamps are a spring loaded, multi function gadget inclusive of an ink pad. They have a twisting mechanism that rotates the rubber die to press towards the ink pad.
Pre-Inking Stamps are a modern stamp giving very high satisfactory impressions. They work by means of having a porous gel-like rubber die on the bottom of the stamp that allows ink to flow via the die earlier than an influence is made. The ink itself is stored in a reservoir placed within the handle, these stamps can give up to 50,000 impressions before the ink desires refilling so these stamps do no longer need an inkpad.

Q5 Can I even have similarly discount for bulk/quantity orders?
We practice reductions to all merchandise on our internet site, we strive to be as aggressive as feasible and will follow further discounts for massive amount bulk orders. If you would love a quote please contact us through our touch page, tell us the quantity and sizes required. We will get lower back to you ASAP.

Q6 Do you fee match?
Yes, we do provide a fee suit service for same merchandise, so allow us to recognise what you have got been quoted and we can strive our very high-quality to fit you quote. All our products are assembled in the UK to the very best satisfactory standards, once in a while we may be beaten on fee but we can thankfully fit it and we will in no way be overwhelmed on great or service!

Q7 What record kinds are ideal to apply?
Our on line stamp designing software program is compatible with jpeg, png, giff and bitmap documents. Please ensure you tightly crop your photographs as any white area around your paintings can be covered in your stamp length. If your artwork is not saved in one of the above codecs really attach it to an electronic mail and ship it to mail@speedystamps.Co.Uk This includes files located in a phrase document and grid stamps designed in an excel e-book. We will send you a custom evidence by using return quoting our fees.

Q8 What if my art work is low satisfactory?
Here at Speedy Stamps we’re experts at improving pix the use of our advanced software program, if you would like us to attempt to get better some artwork for you in reality electronic mail it to us and give a brief description of what you would like it to appear to be and will do our pleasant. Failing that we can recreate any artwork but that is challenge to an paintings price if there may be alot of work concerned.

Q9 What if I haven’t any art work?
If you want a stamp but do not have the necessary paintings we will deliver some pics from our clip artwork databases including cocktail glasses and espresso cups and so on for loyalty stamps or calculators, books and pens for faculties stamp and so forth. We can recreate you organisation emblems etc., Occasionally very precise paintings can be difficulty to an paintings rate.

Q10 What font styles and sizes can I have?
We have the maximum famous fonts patterns & font sizes on our on line stamp designer, if you require a selected font that isn’t always on our internet site, we have specialist software containing over 3000 fonts. Please touch us here at mail@speedystamps.Co.Uk we can be glad to deliver you with a custom proof and costs.

Q11 What styles of ink can I have and what are their makes use of?
Endorsing ink is a water based ink which is good for ordinary stamping onto paper. This ink has also been tested to be “pores and skin-safe” so you can experience loose to apply any of our widespread stamps on someone’s hand or pores and skin.
Clothing ink is mainly designed for use on garments and after five hours of drying this ink is machine washable.
Quick drying inks are solvent primarily based inks that dry extra quick than wellknown water primarily based inks. There are styles of short drying inks we promote the 200PR short drying ink is perfect to smooth paper or vehicles and the Universal R9 short drying ink is designed to be used on metals, plastics and glass.
UV inks have kinds, non-absorbent UV ink is ideal to be used on plastics, glass and metals at the same time as for protection markings and many others, whilst the absorbent UV inks are more proper to be used on skin consisting of in a night club VIP hand stamp etc.

Q12 What standard hues can I have?
Black, Blue, Red, Green and Violet, the standard hues are available at no greater fee. Please observe that extraordinary papers will result in a slightly special resulting shade.

Q13 What unique colorations can I actually have?
Orange, Brown, Pink, Turquoise, White, Silver, Chrome and Gold, are to be had at greater value. One thing to recall is that with unique inks we deliver your stamp with a clean, dry pad and a bottle of your preferred ink you then simply ink up the stamp yourself by way of following the commands included. Please note that distinct papers will result in a barely one-of-a-kind ensuing shade.

Q14 Do you provide Hand stamps for Nightclubs/Events?
Yes, we sell pretty a variety of these styles of stamps. The guidelines we’d provide is to have the design between 20-30mm and in all likelihood a little smaller for youngsters, just undergo in mind the dimensions of the hand it will be stamped on to. Finally also attempt not to have a design this is strong coloration because it will glaringly incorporate pretty alot of ink and could smudge at the men and women hand or even their clothes, simply attempt to have outlines and not strong coloration. Also be aware that each one our widespread inks are water based totally and have been tested and deemed “Skin Safe” even for use with children.

Q15 Do you sell Ultra-Violet Ink?
Yes we do, it is to be had in two sorts. The absorbent UV ink is designed for skin and is secure to be absorbed through the skin, this UV ink is water based not solvent based totally and unlike other UV inks the water primarily based type won’t purpose any inflammation. The absorbent UV ink is good for use handy stamps for nightclubs and so on. The non-absorbent UV ink is designed for safety marking metallic and plastics and is solvent based totally and not designed for pores and skin.

Q16 Can you are making me a signature stamp?
Yes, we supply many signature stamps from photographers who have their snap shots framed with kaleidoscope, to clients with disabilities which makes it hard for them to sign items or virtually to human beings who’ve to sign lots of files and this sort of stamp saves them countless hours work.

Q17 Can I have a custom brand on my stamp?
Yes, you could basically have whatever you like to your stamp. The content material of the stamp does no longer have an effect on charge, nor does the colour. It is actually a count number of some thing size stamp you’ve got, that’s what you pay, there are not any hidden prices for having an picture in preference to simply text., not like with a number of our competitors.

Q18 Can I update the rubber impact die on my stamp?
Yes, if you have ordered the authentic stamp from us truly name or electronic mail us with the model variety and suggest you need to replace the rubber die on the stamp and we can send you out the rubber affect plate. If you haven’t had the unique stamp from us or would really like to alternate the layout, truely ask for a brand new evidence and indicate you don’t need the whole stamp, simply the rubber die and we will handiest charge you for this. However please observe with stamp fashions we dont sell we might not continually be capable of supply a custom rubber plate to healthy.

Q19 How do I re

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