Need to Review the Definition of Health by WHO in the Light of Research in the Parapsychology Field

The present day definition of fitness via World Health Organization includes bodily, intellectual and social dimensions of fitness. But even a cursory study the present day country of the arena well-knownshows that social health is conspicuous by means of its absence. There is severe unrest in almost each us of a.

Crime price is growing in almost each u . S .. There is regular increase in alcohol abuse, drug abuse, human trafficking, toddler abuse (physical, mental and sexual), terrorism, rampant corruption and breakdown of families. Not a day passes with out reviews of homicide and rape.

All the advances in science and generation have now not helped people to revel in peace of thoughts and happiness. The purpose is the forget about of spiritual development. Today’s average guy is jogging with out understanding wherein he is going.

Leading psychiatrists at the same time as seeking to manipulate issues like anxiety, depression and phobias have found out that man is not only a combination of frame and thoughts however has a soul as well which survives the dying of the body. Specialists in different fields have also realized that guy has a religious measurement as nicely. Many reputed scientists such as a few Nobel Prize winners are satisfied approximately the existence of soul. Hence there may be a need to redefine fitness and consist of the religious measurement of health.

We still do not recognise the precise reason of many diseases. Extensive research within the discipline of past existence regression has revealed that many fitness related problems have their roots in our preceding lives. Reincarnation isn’t always a myth however a fact. Searching for reincarnation studies or reincarnation proof will yield a long listing of results.

Mere redefinition of health by way of itself will not resolve all of the troubles. But if more and more humans recognize the cosmic regulation of reason and effect and realise that their actions come lower back to them they will definitely try and reform themselves. When main doctors in every usa start organizing seminars, radio talks and TV shows about the clinical proof for the existence of soul and reincarnation humans will clearly take interest in the subject matter. People will start to take into account that the reason of human life is to grow spiritually and understand our authentic nature.

WHO must inspire each member united states to just accept the brand new definition of fitness which includes the non secular size and alter the scientific education accordingly. Doctors need to play an critical position in supporting human beings to revel in sound health. In order to do that efficiently medical doctors have to first have comprehensive knowledge of health.

Physical fitness can not be maintained without looking after psychological fitness and psychological health can’t be protected with out tackling spiritual lack of knowledge. Needless to mention psychological disturbances result in social problems.

Modern remedy has been a predominantly ailment centered and remedy oriented machine. There is a want to alternate this approach and give primary importance to prevention of ailment and preservation of fitness.

It is likewise suited to mix contemporary medicine with Ayurveda that allows you to promote holistic health. Ayurveda that’s as a minimum five thousand years vintage gave the maximum comprehensive definition of fitness incorporating bodily, psychological and spiritual dimensions of health.

Ideally everyone have to have some social obligation. Doctors perhaps have to have it to a more volume as they’re accountable for health. We are suffering from what takes place in our society. No one may be secure in his residence if his neighbor’s house is on fireplace.

Humanity has paid a heavy price for neglecting religious improvement. Another similarly extreme danger to world peace is religious fundamentalism. By promoting scientific spirituality we can counter each the threats and set up a brand new world order primarily based on Truth, Right conduct, Peace, Love and Non-violence.

I request all of the like minded humans to help a web petition requesting the World Health Organization to study the definition of health and consist of the spiritual measurement. This is the hyperlink- http://www.Change.Org/en-IN/petitions/global-health-organization-evaluation-the-definition-of-health-and-encompass-the-spiritual-measurement

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